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Your bridesmaid’s dress strap broke, your hair is starting to fall out from its’ updo, and if someone else tells you to calm down you’re going to lose it! With so many details going into your big day, the smallest fixes are bound to happen. Never Fear… Your emergency kit is here! Every bride should have an emergency kit on hand or in the safety of their maid of honor for quick solutions to common emergencies. Admitting things may go wrong is the first step! Now, put together your kit so you can rest easy no matter what happens, you’ll have the answer.

The Essentials

Many of these kits are available for purchase, but sometimes have more or less items than we actually need! We love a couple versions available through David’s Bridal or Etsy. We assembled our own with a tried and true list of must-have wedding day lifesavers. Many of these items can be purchased online or at your local craft store! Grab a small zip bag or transform your maid of honor’s clutch into your personal convenience store with this list!

Breath Mints – For those mid-day snack or post cocktail moments. You will be talking to so many people at your wedding and enjoying your amazing catering, the last thing you need is lingering bad breath when chatting with your guests. Wedding Emergency Kit Essentials

Lipstick – Touch ups are inevitable! If you hired a makeup artist ask for a sample of the lipstick they used, or ask at your trial if they can have the lipstick in a full size to purchase.

Tissues – Waterworks are just a right of passage into marriage. Having tissues on hand during your vows and first dance can save your make up!

Mini Hairspray & Bobby Pins – Just like your lipstick, touch ups are inevitable. Tame flyaway pieces of hair as you dance the night away or get wind blown during an outdoor ceremony. Catch a falling updo with bobby pins.

Stain Remover – You just dropped sauce on your white dress. No need to panic! Grab your stain remover pen and pray! These pens are proven to get out some of the toughest stains on the spot so no one has to know!

Nail File – Uh oh, broke a nail? Fix it in a snap with a mini nail file tucked into your emergency kit.

Fashion Tape & A Safety Pin – Fashion faux pas no more! A broke strap or sinking neckline has a quick fix with these seamstress replacements.

Aspirin – The worst thing we hear is a bride having a headache on this joyful day. Keep a travel size bottle of aspirin or headache relief of your choosing in case your mother-in-law gets on your last nerve.

Blotting Tissue – Different from regular tissue, these little rectangles are a lifesaver if yoBlotting Tissue in emergency kitu suffer from high shine in humidity or stress. Designed to keep your makeup intact, these blotting sheets absorb excess oil and leave your face flawless!

Perfume Mini – With stress can come stink, keeping a mini perfume bottle can freshen up and keep you smelling great and feeling confident throughout the entire day and night. We like keeping perfume on hand because it can also double as a deodorant (just in case!).

Wedding Bands – This may seem a bit silly, but it can really save a ceremony if the wedding bands are misplaced. Having a spare set of bands to pull out when the ring bearer thought it would be cute to hide the originals will keep your timeline on track and buy time to look for real ones!

All Smiles Thanks to Having an Emergency Kit!

PS – If you have a wedding planner, she will probably provide your wedding party with an emergency kit to combat an mishaps that may occur.

Wedding Emergency Essentials


Insider Tips | Emergency Kit Assembly

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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