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About Jevettra

Hey Y’all!! I’m Jevettra (rhymes with you betcha) and I am the owner and principal event planner of Avila Dawn Events. I talk fast and live out loud (nobody would ever call me the quietest person in a room)! We’re gonna be besties if you don’t just want to walk down the aisle, but you plan on busting a move on the dance floor too. You want a day that you’ll never forget that is elegant, sophisticated, classic and most importantly, a celebration of your union.

I'm a graduate of the "REAL HU" (Howard University), lover of cupcakes, earrings and rollercoasters! Taco Tuesday is a staple in my house… Margaritas anyone? Hey, I don’t drink coffee, but can join you at Starbucks for a Strawberry Acai Lemonade! I adore long walks down the aisle at Target, college football/tailgating on Saturdays (I just go for the food and band) and a good Netflix binge every once in awhile. 

Meet Jevettra:

couples max served per year! Serving less to serve you more.


years of experience


events planned


My family and friends have my heart. Our moments and memories together are my favorite.


I have never found a ride that I won't try! And yes, I have gone skydiving.


Fresh flowers are beautiful at weddings and in everyday life. They're the way to my heart.


As a professional wedding planner, romantic moments are simply my favorite.


What I love Most:

Family is so important to me. It seemed natural to me to find a way to pay homage to that when crafting my business name. Avila is actually my mother’s middle name and Dawntelle is my middle name. After speaking to my mom about combining the two, I was lead to Avila Dawn (cause y’all know that Avila Dawntelle Events is a mouth full)! After running the idea by my dad and getting his nod of approval, Avila Dawn Events was born!

Every day I am grateful and proud that my family heritage is woven into my business. I do this for them and it feels so right!

how avila dawn events came to be...

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We know that experience is everything! We’re passionate about pushing the design envelope with punches of color, bold patterns, textures and innovative lighting. And of course, discovering what excites you, so that we can pour that it into every tiny detail. We love taking Southern sophistication and infusing it with GLAM and always searching for WOW-worthy details to incorporate into your big day! Our goal is to take your vision and surpass it to make your wedding the most memorable day of your life with no regrets! I want you and your guests to leave saying “That was one hell of a party”!

our love for design...

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Our mission is to deliver a seamless wedding planning experience so you can have a memorable wedding day!

We see your wedding as a beautifully choreographed dance - we walk you through the day to come, carefully preparing you for the steps you’ll need to take to ensure that the performance is flawless. We never want you to forget that this day is about your marriage and love. This day is one of many in your lifetime and it is a great honor to be a witness to the first steps in your lifelong dance together.


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have gone skydiving.

Most people don't know that I:

my family.

My favorite people in the world are:

love remodeling my home.

When it's not wedding season, I:

the room reveal.

My favorite part of a wedding is:

a professional dancer.

If I weren't a planner, I'd love to be:

live by my calendar!

During wedding season, I usually have: