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2017 Features for Avila Dawn Events

Happ New Year… We are starting off the New Year sharing all of the wonderful places Avila Dawn Events weddings and styled shoots were featured in 2017. Moving forward, we will be working with sharing more weddings with you on the blog, so you can see all of the gorgeous details we have dreamed up with our couples. We will also be sharing Insider Tips throughout the year, so be on the lookout!


In August of 2016, we worked with a team of vendors to create the “Modern Southern Belle” styled shoot. Well this shoot was the shoot that kept on giving and was featured, 9… YES 9 times in 2017. The following publications featured this shoot: Aisle PerfectEugenia CoutureWedding ColorsThe Carolinas MagazineThe Wed CliqueBorrowed and BlueA Princess InspiredThe Wedding Fanatic, and Black Nuptials.

In designing this shoot, we asked ourselves what would a Modern Southern Belle look like? Well this shoot captured this idea perfectly. Jessica Hunt Photography has an eye for capturing the right light. She made the shoot the dreamiest!!  The Eugenia Couture gown from London and Lace was the star of this shoot. It shows the exact definition of the modern Southern Belle. At first glance, you see a typical ballroom gown, but when the bride walks you see the contemporary style of a high skirt underneath the skirt, Our female model, Jessica Brady, looked flawless in EVERY frame and is also an SC wedding vendor and did her makeup for the shoot. The Black Tux provided the dapper wear for our male model, Brian Gardner. 

Paper Dreams & Keepsakes fused the vision of lace, silk, and gold foil into a gorgeous invitation suite. Leen Machine Calligraphy provided all the calligraphy, including hand-lettered place cards on South Carolina cutouts. Xpressions Floral Design created the lush florals. Charmingly Southern Vintage Rentals provided the dusty blue velvet couch, patterned dinner plates, and gold candlesticks.

Silver Spoon Bake Shop provided three gorgeous cakes. These cakes feature some stunning gold design and blush accents. They incorporated pearls, metallic gold, and shades of pink into the design. Does it get any more Southern than pearls and pink? I don’t think so!

Kayla of Vivid: Cut. Color. Style. was on hand to give our bride a stunning loose braid. Southern(er)s are all about helping one another. So, a friend Molly from Molly Fornadel Events Design provided the gold flatware. The gold-rimmed chargers and plates came from Pier 1 Imports. The pink chiffon runner, gold sequin runner, and peach disk sequin tablecloth were used to soften the rustic look of the tables provided by Party Crush Shop.

Custom SC shaped escort card designed by Avila Dawn Events. Gold foil wedding invitation. Styled shoot held at the Corley Mill House located in Lexington, SC

Rustic chic table designed using silk runners, bud vases and low centerpieces. Designed and styled by Avila Dawn Events at the Corley Mill House located in Columbia SC

Dessert bar created for styled shoot held at the Corley Mill House that was designed and styled by Avila Dawn Events based out of Columbia, SC

Two piece bridal gown from London and Lace located in Columbia SC. Shoot designed and styled by Avila Dawn Events

Ivory wedding bouquet wrapped with mauve and ivory ribbons created by Xpressions Floral. Shoot designed and styled by Avila Dawn Events

It’s June… My Birthday Month

Avila Dawn Events, Columbia SC Wedding Planner

So I kind of fell off of the wagon with blogging and writing my monthly goals. This is DEFINITELY a habit that I want to get back into. These past couple of months I found myself very overwhelmed with working full-time, working with my awesome planning clients, teaching dance and closing on my first home with Brian. I know in the past, I found that when I actually write out my goals I am A LOT more likely to follow through on completing. Plus blogging about my goals is a great way for me to track my accomplishments over times and you have to reflect on where you were and how far along you have come. Sometimes we beat ourselves up about where we aren’t instead of being excited about how far we have come.

So I stayed on top of sharing my monthly goals with yall for one month… yup one month, September. I should be shame, but hey things happen and hopefully I will pull it together moving forward. Well in reviewing my September goals, I found there are some things that are still lingering in the air. So instead of creating a whole new set of goals, I should probably complete the goals I wrote down in September.

So for June goals:

  1. Blog at least 2 times a week. Yup you read that right. I really do have tons to share with y’all. I just need to write it. One tool that is really going to assist me with reaching this goal is EVERNOTE!! More on this soon.
  2. Complete the #GoIndependent Course. So if you haven’t already you need to check out the site Regina has a WEALTH of knowledge on her site and launched her #GoIndependent course in August for FREE. Yup you heard that right. Everyday there was a new lesson and she has worksheets and video blogs for the course… it’s alot. Just good ole, dig down in your business, find your core, stop making excuses and kick some ass good. So I really need to get this completed. I have had the course almost a year and have yet to complete it. It is about time that I do so.
  3. Get a handle on receipts. So I save my receipts, but then somehow they become a jumbled mess and then end up in paper heaven. So yeah!!
  4. Streamline with Systems Course – I will be re-taking the Streamline with Systems Course with Heather Crabtree. The course was really good for getting my planning client workflow in order. There is still some tweeking that needs to be done, but much better than where it was. It’s some other portions of my business that I need to get streamlined now. I also need to complete my company guidebook!

Only 4 goals for this month. But June is still busy, Brian and I will also be moving into our home AND it’s my birthday month, so there will be some celebrating in between all of this goodness. What are you goals for June?

ADE News | Welcome to The Coterie!!

SC Event Planner, Avila Dawn Events

Avila Dawn Events is happy to announce that we are officially a part of the Munaluchi Coterie!! Seriously y’all I am a HUGE fan of Munaluchi Bride and was uber excited when we were approved to be a part of The Coterie. So I am going to share a little secret with you. I learned about The Coterie probably near the beginning of 2014, when I was just starting my business.  I applied on a hope and whim that maybe I would be accepted. But DENIED! They were happy that I had inquired, but asked that I get more experience and weddings and come re-apply. So here we are 2016.

Well let me tell you a little about The Coterie. It is “Munaluchi’s curated invite only list of the best wedding professionals”. They carefully pick vendors not just based on the number of years in business, but the quality of your work as well! The biggest reason I wanted to be a part of the The Coterie was because of the magnitude of SUPERB wedding creatives that are a part of this collective. As Atosha from Larger Than Life Events always states is that Iron Sharpens Iron. To be the best, you have to be with the best!

So now there are 2 Event Planners listed under the South Carolina listing! Atosha was the only one for a LONG time. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Munaluchi Bride. You can find a ton of wedding inspiration. Little secret… I am on the site almost everyday!


Weekend Hangover | Lots of Dancing

This past Saturday was the Emerald of Excellence Debutante Cotillion hosted by the Upsilon Omega Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha. For the past 8 seasons, I have had the distinct honor of choreographing for this event. And this year the organization celebrated 10 seasons of cultivating priceless gems.

Avila Dawn Events, AKA, Debutante Cotillion

I love choreographing for this event, as I love getting to know the debutantes, their escorts and their parents. Plus, I am always on the lookout for future Baby Bison! Yes I am always ready to talk about the pros and cons of attending the illustrious Howard University.

So for each cotillion, I am always tasked with choreographing three dances – one for each group, the Ladies in Waiting (Junior Debutantes, who are either in Grade 7-8), Debutantes with the fathers and Debutantes with their escorts. I also choreography how the Ladies in Waiting and the Debutantes are introduced.  On average there are usually, 10 Ladies in Waiting and between 25-50 Debutantes. So that means 25-50 fathers and 25-50 escorts. So there could be up to 100 people on the floor at one time dancing. That’s A LOT of people, but always up for the challenge.

I am so proud and happy of how everything came together. We were on a tight timeline this year to get everything done. I only had a month to teach the 3 dances with rehearsals being only 2 hours long and twice a week. I appreciated that everyone came in focused and ready to learn. I literally taught the dance in one class and rehearsed the dance in the next rehearsal before having to move on to the next group. Craziness… just a little. But this group were rockstars. All the ladies and gentlemen looked so classy the night of the cotillion. Below are a few picture from the night!

Avila Dawn Events, AKA, Debutante Cotillion

Avila Dawn Events, AKA, Debutante Cotillion

Avila Dawn Events, AKA, Debutante Cotillion


As the holidays near, I always find myself reflecting on the year and just feeling blessed by all the wonderful I have met and those that are continually a pillar in my life.

For the next 3 weeks, I will be saying Thanks and Giving away some lovely treats and gifts to celebrate the start of the holiday season! I love the holidays. It’s so joyous and I get to see and laugh with some many family members. Plus, planning a little get together is right up my alley!

So here is how it will work… we will announce the what the giveaway is on Tuesday through Instagram and Facebook and will post how to enter. We will announce the winner of each week on Thursday with the big winner being on Thanksgiving!! Be sure to head over to IG today to hear all about what we giving away today.

Wedding Giveaway | Avila Dawn Events | | South Carolina Wedding Planner | Columbia, SC Wedding PlannerGo check us out on Instagram.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hey everyone:

So I know it has been a few weeks since I have posted and there are some new faces around this way, so I thought it would be pretty cool to share a little about myself, plus you can see me for the crazy person that I am.

Avila Dawn Events | Columbia SC Wediding Planner

So this list touches on 13 things that I really enjoy to do. Let me start by saying please “Don’t Judge Me”!! I like a good cocktail and food a lot, so both are referenced. So let’s begin…

  1. Margaritas are good ANY TIME of the day. My theory is “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”!
  2. I started dance at the tender age of 3. My mom enrolled me because she said I was too active and had to stop jumping on her furniture. I can happily report that today I no longer jump on her furniture, but now she wishes she had enrolled me for singing lessons. I can’t hold a note to save my life!
  3. I am a BLOG STALKER!! When I become a widow to football season (lol – He becomes a widow on Thursday from 9-11) I use Sunday to catch up on all the blogs that I love. A few of my favorites are Elle & Co, Dear Sweetheart Events, Maya Elious, Katelyn James Photography and The Nectar Collective. I could seriously have a long list as there are SO many great blogs out there.
  4. Pizza should be its own food category! No shame.
  5. CUPCAKES… enough said! Didn’t I warn you food was on the list.
  6. I am a native of South Carolina. But have danced my way up and down the east coast. Got my undergrad degree in Dance from Howard University (the Real HU) in DC. Lived in NYC for two years – danced and worked A LOT before moving back down to SC for graduate school.
  7. I worked for three years as an Epidemiologist for the military. My brother swears I worked for the CIA.
  8. I met my husband, Brian, in a club. I actually kind of stalked him that night. I was on the dance floor with another guy when I saw Brian on the perimeter of the dance floor with his best friend. All I could think was man that dude is FIONE. I left my current dance partner on the floor, so that I could do a quick girl chat. I then searched for Brian in the club (he was sitting on a stool on the other side), when I saw him I walked up to him and told him that when he finished his drink he owed me a dance then I just walked onto the dance floor. Well a few minutes later, he met me there and you can say the rest is history. One thing to note, Brian HATES to dance lol!
  9. As a young child, I was allergic to pink (well not really), but now I love FUCHSIA!
  10. I love organizing and decorating. One blog I follow religiously is I HEART ORGANIZING. She has great organization and decor projects on her site. I pin projects for when Brian and I move into our new house. We will be starting the whole house hunting process soon. Super excited!
  11. As a little girl, I loved the tv show “A Different World”. Whenever the show came on, I would sing the intro song at the top of my lungs literally. Another reason why my mom wished she had put me in singing lessons.
  12. Jesus is my Homeboy. I truly believe that prayer changes things.
  13. And last, but definitely not least – I am an adrenaline junkie! I have not found a rollercoaster that put me under yet AND I have jumped out of a perfectly good plane.

Avila Dawn Events | Columbia SC Wedding Planner

When I become a widow to football, I just stalk blogs!! Click To Tweet

Avila Dawn Events | Columbia SC Wedding Planner

So now you have to share with me at least one thing you love!!


Welcome to Avila Dawn Events

Welcome Sweet Friends!! I have gained some new followers on Instagram and Facebook in the past few weeks, so I thought now would be perfect time to introduce everyone to the person and creative force of Avila Dawn Events.

Avila Dawn Events | Columbia SC Wedding Planner | SC Wedding Planner | Charlotte Wedding Planner


So my name is Jevettra (rhymes with you-betcha). I am a Newlywed (just got married in March of this year), a daughter, sister, classically trained dancer & lover of sparkle and cupcakes. I REALLY like cupcakes. I am a lowcountry native of South Carolina, but currently live in Columbia, SC. I have to confess that I am a city girl at heart, but LOVE southern traditions. For my “formal” background. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance from Howard University (the real HU – Go Bison) and a Master’s Degree in Physical Activity and Public Health from the University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks)!! Yes I take football season very serious and tailgating is a MUST!! That in itself is an event, sometimes bigger than the actual game!

The meaning behind the name of Avila Dawn Events is a great story. So the company is name after my mother and myself, as my mother introduced me to world of wedding planning. The business name is made up of my mom and I’s middle name. Avila is my mom’s middle name and Dawntelle is my middle name. We just shortened Dawntelle to Dawn. So when I first thought about names it was Avila Dawntelle Events. It was a mouthful, but it was our FULL middle names. When I asked my mom about it, she was like I don’t like Dawntelle. I gave her the side eye y’all. Come on mom, that’s what you named me, you can’t not like the name now. I have been living with it ALL my life. So that’s when I say hey what if we chop off the telle part, she still wasn’t entirely sold. So I just asked my dad and he said it sounded great, so that’s what we went with.

So starting my own wedding and event planning company as been on my heart for MANY years. One of the first events I can remember planning was my play sister’s wedding. I was 15 at the time and remember LOVING getting all of the logistics together and DIYing projects. I knew my true calling for event planning was when I had my first job post undergrad and my boss asked me in a very serious conversation what I wanted to do and where did I see my life going. I told her that I wanted to get a Masters Degree in Public Health; become a manager of a public health program and own my own event planning company. My mom taught I was crazy to tell my boss such a thing and if I was asked that question again to not add in the event planning portion.

Well I ended up putting event planning on the back burner. I went and received my Masters Degree and I am the manager of a public health program. However in achieving these goals I am not truly fulfilled in the job I am working. However, I find that event planning and dancing brings SO much happiness and calmness to my life. In 2013, I moved to Virginia to accept a position as an Epidemiologist for the Navy. Within a week of taking that position, I told my mother I am not going to like this position. It was rough 9 months to stay in that job and I knew then that I had to start making a change. Well last year, I decided to stop fussing around and start making my dream a reality. Last April I launched Avila Dawn Events! I finally found the courage to start. What took me so long to start? I was terrified of failure (still am) that I made excuses.  I will never be able to make a sustainable living! I don’t have the time! People close to me don’t think it will work and say that event planning is not a “real” career and I just needed to stick with my real/big girl job.  But you know what, hell that’s life. You don’t know unless you try and I may fail, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start again! But the thing stronger than all of those insecurities is my PASSION for this! Knowing that there is nothing more that I would rather do. I would plan events and teach dance for free in all honesty. I do these things because they bring pure joy to my life. This business is a piece of my SOUL! I knew I had to do this. So a lot of prayer, encouragement from the hubs and some soul searching…. HERE WE ARE!!

Since forever I have loved weddings, cute planners (can you ever have enough) and creating true friendships/relationships and have infused all those elements into Avila Dawn Events. This company is designed for you, the Bride!

So welcome to Avila Dawn Events, friends!!! I am so happy that you stopped by. Make yourself at home, be sure to say hi and let me know if you have any questions or just want to chat.

XoXo, Jevettra


Welcome September & New Monthly Goals

Wow… WoW… WOW… August has come and gone! Honestly, where did the time go. It’s the beginning of the month, so you know what that means SEPTEMBER GOALS, but first let’s review how I did with the August goals.
Avila Dawn Events September Goals | | SC Wedding Planner | Columbia, SC Wedding Planner
So my biggest focus during August was crafting my ideal client. I knew this was something I needed to do in order to grow my business.  I went through a TON of worksheets, PINTEREST boards and blog posts to create my ideal client and to be truthfully honest I still have some work to do on her. In the process of creating my ideal client, I had to re-identify what my core values are and mission statement. The core values that I had chosen before I really hadn’t take the time to delve into WHY I choose them. They sounded good and I wanted to do those things, but were they ME and where I am trying to build my brand. Some of them, but I had to dig deeper. With this exploration of creating my ideal client, I came up with new more developed core values. And these are the new ones!! I will do a separate blog post explaining WHY I choose these. Just know these core values speak to where I am and where I want to go.  My ideal client was crafted around these core values as well. Since I haven’t quite finished creating her, I will share at a little later date!
  • Openness
  • Legacy
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Passion
  • Growth
  • Guidance
  • Creativity
  • Love
  • Experiences
The next goal was having a Batch Day focusing on writing blog post. If you don’t know what Batch Day is head over to Paper & Oats to read all about it.  Let me be honest, I got 3.5 blog posts completed on Batch Day. Was it successful, uuuummm I did get some blog posts written. I wasn’t as focused as I could of been that day. I have learned that I need to leave the house OR my husband can’t be home when I do a Batch Day. Sadly, my husband and I don’t get to spend a lot of time together during the week as we work two totally different schedules (which sucks), so on the weekends we really try to spend as much time as possible together. I was so not focused on my Batch Day as I just wanted to cuddle up with the hubby. I will be scheduling another Batch Day in September and will be doing it on a weekday afternoon/evening.
My last goal for the month, I totally kicked butt. I was able to visit 4 incredible venues during the month: Columbia Conference Center, Spring Valley Country Club, Riverbanks Zoo & Gardens and The Corley Mill House & Gardens.  Not only were the venues great, but the event managers at these locations are just as nice. Lastly, two Saturdays ago I also donated my time at wedding to assist with setup, decor styling and breakdown that was given to a very deserving couple. This couple participated in a wedding documentary film, which will be coming out in November. Let’s just say I as able to work with some of the best wedding professionals in the Columbia area.  I will be sharing more about this project closer to the release date, so be on the lookout.  I would just like that thank Lisa of London and Lace for allowing me be a part of the experience.
Ok now for the September goals.
  1. Continue to build relationships – Building and sustaining your business is by creating solid, meaningful relationships.
  2. Blog at least once a week – So far, so good. But it has only been two weeks. LoL
  3. Complete the #GoIndependent Course – So if you haven’t already you need to check out the side Regina has a WEALTH of knowledge on her site and launched her #GoIndependent course in August for FREE. Yup you heard that right. Everyday there was a new lesson and she has worksheets and video blogs… it’s alot!! Just good ole, dig down in your business, find your core, stop making excuses and kick some ass good.
  4. Get a handle on recording receipts – Right now I am doing a not so good jump with tracking my business receipts. Yeah I know that it is September and the year is almost over. But like they say, better late than never!!

I’m Going To Creative @ Heart!

Creative at Heart

I am so excited to announce that I will be attending Creative at Heart in November!! Round 3 will be held in Charleston, SC, so that is a double YAY for me. Creative at Heart is a conference for creatives! Their motto is Community over Competition. (How can you not love that).  I have been following the movement of this conference since it began last year and it has grown exponentially since the first conference. I really wanted to go to the second conference; however, the conference was in March and there was NO way I could focus on this conference and the wedding! So when I saw that the 3rd round would be held in Charleston, I did a little happy dance and patiently waited for the registration to open. The conference sells out fast, so I was on my computer at 7:59PM, ready to hit PAY!! When 8:00PM rolled around, I didn’t wait a beat to press PAY to grab a spot! So excited and can’t wait until November. You can be sure that I will be writing and sharing pictures of Creative at Heart. If you haven’t heard about the conference, be sure to check it out!!

XOXO ~ Jevettra





This will the 1st of 3 giveaways we will be having to celebrate our 1 year business birthday. We are so excited about the journey we have taken to get to this point and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us. But now for the good stuff! Today we will be gifting someone with a idieh design Brain Dump Mini Notebook. I LOVE this pad because not only is it FUNCTIONAL, but pretty darn stylish as well!! So below is how to enter!!

1.) Like Avila Dawn Events on Facebook

2.) Share this post on Facebook and/or Instagram (the more you share the better your   chances are to WIN)!!

3.) For an extra entry Follow us on Instagram

4.) Leave a comment below telling me where you shared the post. Leave up to 2 comments if you shared in both places!

Winner will be announced on Friday, April 17th at 5:00PM!!



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