Meet Jevettra

Hey Loves! I’m Jevettra (rhymes with you betcha) and I am the GirlBoss and Principal Event Planner of Avila Dawn Events. I am a small town girl with big city flair, inspired by Southern hospitality, family traditions and values, and stylish fashion and decor. At Avila Dawn Events, we believe the only thing that couples should have to worry about during their engagement is enjoying themselves! Our ADE Experience allows for couples to enjoy all the FUN aspect of event planning (cake tasting, dress shopping, champagne sipping), while we handle ALL the crazy logistics that ensure your wedding day runs smoothly!

In planning events, I am passionate about pushing the envelope with punches of color, bold patterns, textures and innovative lighting. And of course, discovering what excites you, so that I can pour that it into every tiny detail. We love taking Southern sophistication and infusing it with GLAM and always searching for WOW-worthy details to incorporate into your big day!

I have walked in my bride’s shoes and for this reason, my goal is to take your vision and surpass it to make your wedding the most memorable day of your life with no regrets! I want you and your guests to leave saying “That was one hell of a party”!

Now that you know about me, let me tell you a little about how I named Avila Dawn Events…
So the company is named after my mother and myself, as my mother introduced me to world of wedding planning. The business name is made up of my mom and I’s middle name. Avila is my mom’s middle name and Dawntelle is my middle name. I just shortened Dawntelle to Dawn. So when I first thought about names it was Avila Dawntelle Events. It was a mouthful, but it was our FULL middle names. When I asked my mom about it, she was like I don’t like Dawntelle. I gave her the side eye y’all. Come on mom, that’s what you named me, you can’t not like the name now!! So that’s when I said… hey what if we chop off the “telle”? She still wasn’t entirely sold. So I just asked my dad and he said it sounded great, so that’s what we went with. And that was the making of Avila Dawn Events!

Things I Love

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