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I Said Yes! What To Expect Now That You Have The Ring

I Said Yes! What To Expect Now That You Have The Ring

“I said yes!”.. Now what? After the big proposal and excitement, you could now be facing stress and uncertainty about where to go to start planning your wedding. Our first tip, don’t forget to breathe! This is such a common question you may be asking yourself or other people once you get the ring on your finger, “What do I do first?” You may have been dreaming of your big day for years or have a fresh vision on what you expect. We have some tips on what to expect now that you’re engaged!

Engagement Ring

Your family will have questions

Your instinct is to post your gorgeous rock (with a perfect manicure) on social media and call your family to tell them about the big news. Our tip: savor the moment! Once you let everyone in on your engagement, your family will have a slew of questions you may not be prepared to answer yet! First, you’ll be asked when the wedding date is, what venues you’re looking at, how can they be involved, and so many more. You may still be surprised from the engagement it will pull your excitement away when so many topics come your way. The best way to handle it is to expect the questions and give yourself some time to enjoy the moment with your fiance before diving into planning.

Wedding Invitation
Friends may pop out of the woodwork

Everyone loves a wedding. Your guest list is the first budget buster we tackle when looking at the financial aspect of planning. Especially with social media, everyone wants an invite, and make it public they expect one. Your friends from college, high school, yoga class, and acquaintances may chime in their excitement and eagerness to attend. Be mindful of how you spread the word so you don’t go over budget for guests who may not be as invested in your relationship as family and close friends.

You have a lot to plan.. but that’s okay!

We’re going to be honest here. Planning a wedding is a lot of work! Our tip: hire a wedding planner right away! Not only will doing so alleviate the stress of planning but it will allow you to enjoy that engaged moment more. We’ll handle the tough stuff. We’ll talk budget, timeline, and arrange appointments with vendors. You can purge your creative vision without worrying about spending hours searching for the right details. Having a planner provides a foundation of insider knowledge on the industry and a network of wedding professionals so you know you will have only the best on your big day. We make the planning fun!

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