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Insider Tips | Emergency Kit Assembly

Your bridesmaid’s dress strap broke, your hair is starting to fall out from its’ updo, and if someone else tells you to calm down you’re going to lose it! With so many details going into your big day, the smallest fixes are bound to happen. Never Fear… Your emergency kit is here! Every bride should have an emergency kit on hand or in the safety of their maid of honor for quick solutions to common emergencies. Admitting things may go wrong is the first step! Now, put together your kit so you can rest easy no matter what happens, you’ll have the answer.

The Essentials

Many of these kits are available for purchase, but sometimes have more or less items than we actually need! We love a couple versions available through David’s Bridal or Etsy. We assembled our own with a tried and true list of must-have wedding day lifesavers. Many of these items can be purchased online or at your local craft store! Grab a small zip bag or transform your maid of honor’s clutch into your personal convenience store with this list!

Breath Mints – For those mid-day snack or post cocktail moments. You will be talking to so many people at your wedding and enjoying your amazing catering, the last thing you need is lingering bad breath when chatting with your guests. Wedding Emergency Kit Essentials

Lipstick – Touch ups are inevitable! If you hired a makeup artist ask for a sample of the lipstick they used, or ask at your trial if they can have the lipstick in a full size to purchase.

Tissues – Waterworks are just a right of passage into marriage. Having tissues on hand during your vows and first dance can save your make up!

Mini Hairspray & Bobby Pins – Just like your lipstick, touch ups are inevitable. Tame flyaway pieces of hair as you dance the night away or get wind blown during an outdoor ceremony. Catch a falling updo with bobby pins.

Stain Remover – You just dropped sauce on your white dress. No need to panic! Grab your stain remover pen and pray! These pens are proven to get out some of the toughest stains on the spot so no one has to know!

Nail File – Uh oh, broke a nail? Fix it in a snap with a mini nail file tucked into your emergency kit.

Fashion Tape & A Safety Pin – Fashion faux pas no more! A broke strap or sinking neckline has a quick fix with these seamstress replacements.

Aspirin – The worst thing we hear is a bride having a headache on this joyful day. Keep a travel size bottle of aspirin or headache relief of your choosing in case your mother-in-law gets on your last nerve.

Blotting Tissue – Different from regular tissue, these little rectangles are a lifesaver if yoBlotting Tissue in emergency kitu suffer from high shine in humidity or stress. Designed to keep your makeup intact, these blotting sheets absorb excess oil and leave your face flawless!

Perfume Mini – With stress can come stink, keeping a mini perfume bottle can freshen up and keep you smelling great and feeling confident throughout the entire day and night. We like keeping perfume on hand because it can also double as a deodorant (just in case!).

Wedding Bands – This may seem a bit silly, but it can really save a ceremony if the wedding bands are misplaced. Having a spare set of bands to pull out when the ring bearer thought it would be cute to hide the originals will keep your timeline on track and buy time to look for real ones!

All Smiles Thanks to Having an Emergency Kit!

PS – If you have a wedding planner, she will probably provide your wedding party with an emergency kit to combat an mishaps that may occur.

Business Basics | How To Track Business Receipts

So this is one of those not so glorious of tasks of running a business that keeps your ass out of trouble when you get that call from the IRS!! It also makes life a WHOLE lot easier when tax time rolls around. I won’t say that filing your taxes will be any more fun because it won’t, but at least you won’t sitting start at the pile of paper for a week before even trying to attempt to get that part ready for tax season.

So I deal with my receipts in two ways: online and paper.

Online Receipts

So when an online receipt is mailed to me I… 1) of course open it up (make sure that it says what purchased and has the correct amount) 2) pull up the print screen 3) save the file as a PDF and 4) put it in my Dropbox folder called “Expenses”. Additionally, I have a different folder for each year, so when the times comes that I can let the receipts go I can just delete the whole folder. Now you can call your folder receipts, money spent, whatever you wish! Really it doesn’t matter what you call it as long as you know where to find it!!

Now I will say at one point in life… I did just have all of my receipts saved in a folder in Gmail and it wasn’t bad until maybe that one receipt just wouldn’t pull up for some reason. Also although I say I will never delete an email, if I am moving too fast I end up deleting the email and then I have to search through my trash folder and well yeah it’s too much. Saving as a PDF in a Dropbox folder, just makes life a lot easier.

I prefer to organize my receipts as I go so that I can remember exactly what the receipt corresponds to and I don’t have to rack my brain trying to remember what happened earlier in the week or earlier in the month (if you have a duty day once a month. More on duty days in an upcoming post!)

So I label my receipts by the year, month and date first. Why? Because that way, all of the receipts get organized in chrolonigical order automatically. Example… if I made a purchase on April 2, 2017, I would start the title of the PDF receipt with “2017.04.02”. Once I have written that, I type in a description of the transaction. The description for the online receipt is less critical since the receipt probably has a description already on it. I might write something like this if I purchased a linen to use for a wedding: 2017.04.2 CV Linen Sequin Linen for Estate Table Decor. As you can see, in the description, I used the formula “who, what, why”. Who? CV Linen, What? Sequin Linen, Why? Estate Table Decor.

Paper Receipts

So for paper receipts, these are even more important to get in order because there is only one record of it and you’ve got it. If you are anything like me they are just stuffed in your wallet and at some point in life you decide to look back through them. For me, most of these receipts are restaurant and craft store receipts because I’ve been at a client meeting or purchased some decor items for a wedding. Why we need to keep these: well the IRS requires us to write down who was at the lunch and what business was discussed/what the business purchase was. Sadly, it’s not enough to just have a receipt. Go ahead and curse yourself because I know I sure did!

Well I don’t do so great with writing that information on the receipt because well it gets lost and destroyed in my purse, so I had to find a solution where I could digitize this information so it couldn’t be lost. Plus I am a techie girl and love all things digital. I also needed an app where I was able to mark receipts as business or personal, not because I keep track of all my personal receipts, but because sometimes I use my personal card for business or accident or pay or a business expense with personal cash. I have to be able to keep account of those receipts with our business receipts so that my business can reimburse me for it at the end of the month. So after going through tons of apps, I finally settled on one that works.

Expensify… I only use this app for receipts. There are other things you can track as well, but I don’t need it for all that. Plus the app is what… FREE!!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how I use it:

Create an Expense Report

When you open the app, you will see five icons at the bottom, click on “My Reports” just after the camera button and click on the plus sign in the upper right corner to create a new report. The expense report you create every month will put all of your receipts in one place for you, so you want to do this at the start of each month OR if you think you will forget just go ahead and create a report for each month. When you provide details on your receipt, there is an option that ask which report you want to save it to. I call my reports 2017-01 ADE Receipts. It’s just the year/month and then my company initials. Once you have created you report, you are ready to start adding receipts! (Time to clean out your wallet)

Side Note: Click settings (the blue person button in left corner) and uncheck SmartScan or just let the trial version run out (it cost money to use this feature and we trying to save. You don’t really need it.)

Add Receipts To Your Report

At the bottom of the app, you will see the green camera button. Use this button to take picture of your receipt. Once you take the picture, select the picture to open it and input the receipt information: march, total, date, comment, category, report, billable and reimbursable.

I am going to talk about the comment, category and reimbursable options since everything else is self-explanatory. For comments, just make sure to give a quick, but detailed description about the receipt. Example: You met up for coffee with a wedding client for their initial consult meeting. This covers who was there and what the purpose of the business was. You want to cover those two points for each receipt.

Online Categories to Set

Before getting started you will want to configure some options so you don’t have to change them with every receipt you upload. The options are categories and reimbursable. To do this, you will have to log into your Expensify account online, click the small blue button in the upper right corner, select personal settings and then categories on the side bar. You will want to delete all the categories already there and just have a personal and business category. Next you want to click on Expense Rules on the left hand side and do the following:

1. In the merchant box, just put a period. This will make the rule apply to all of your transactions.
2. Category = Business
3. Reimbursable = Non-Reimbursable
4. Billable = Non-Billable
Then when you upload your receipts, you won’t have to change those except on the rare occasions, which I will explain shortly. Once you have done all that, just click “Save” and you’re good to go!

Now that you have all this setup, at the end of the month you can send yourself a report that’ll have ALL of your paper business receipts in one place. You just have to send yourself the report. You do that by clicking “My Reports” (the icon that looks like a sheet of paper), select “Open” on the report you want to send. Once there, select “Submit” in the top right corner. The next screen will ask you where you to email the report and if you want to send as a PDF. You will have to slide the button to right, for the report to send as a PDF. Then once that has been turned on… client submit again and BOOM… easy peasy!

Now if you use your personal card or cash for business on accident, it’s super simple with Expensify to know how much you should be reimbursed. If you do use personal money by mistake when you upload the receipt, in the category section select “Personal” instead of “Business” and then slide the button to the right for “Reimbursable”.

And that’s it! I hope that this helps you get your receipts in order as much as it has gotten my life together!!

Behind the Veil Styled Shoot in Charleston, SC

Down the Aisle | Nordica + Brandan

Happy Monday! It’s wedding week for Nordica + Brandan who will be getting married at the Capital City Club on Saturday! Nordica has been a ball of energy to work with. She had a very clear vision of how she wanted her wedding day to look like and can’t wait to work with all of the other stellar vendors to pull this one off. There are even a couple of surprises incorporated into the day!

Bride: Nordica

Groom: Brandan

How did y’all meet? We met working at Moncrief Army Hospital. We had the same group of friends.

How did Brandan pop the question… were you expecting it?  The Biltmore is one of my favorite places to visit, we had visited several times throughout our relationship, so when Brandan said we were going to Asheville to visit the Biltmore it was nothing to think twice about. We got engaged at the Biltmore in the Rose Garden. It was a warm day in August, we walked around the garden taking it all in, chit chatting and taking pictures. And throughout it all I was blissfully unaware that Brandan was up to something. I turned my back to take a picture of this one particular flower and I was so focused on taking the picture that I still didn’t realize what was happening, Brandan called out to me and when I turned around and he was on one knee saying something! (Don’t ask me what it was because I have no idea) I was in shock but remember him saying “Will you Marry Me?” and through tears responding with an emphatic “YES”! The trip to Asheville didn’t end the engagement, the next morning Brandan surprised me with a hot air balloon ride!

Describe your wedding in three words? Fun, Joyous, Elegant!

Capital City Club Wedding in South Carolina planned by Avila Dawn Events

Now the details (theme, style, color, must-haves)?! I think what we are going for is understated elegance. Colors: Navy Blue and Blush with hints of silver. Must Haves: Great Music, Good Food, Great ambiance

What has been your favorite source for wedding inspiration (Blog, Magazine, etc)? Pinterest ( She’s the devil but I love her) Brides Magazine

What have you loved most about planning your wedding? Seeing it all come together.

What has been the most difficult? Having the time to do everything.

What are you most looking forward to on the wedding day? Seeing all of our family and friends!!

Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples as they go through the planning process? Hire a planner!!! Discuss everything with your fiance, it’s a day for you both. Make a budget and stick to it.

Capital City Club Wedding in South Carolina planned by Avila Dawn Events

Insider Tips | Escort Card vs. Place Card: What’s the Difference?

Today we are discussing escort cards vs. place cards, what’s the difference? Although they may seem like the same thing, they’re not and serve two totally different purposes! Let’s begin.

Escort Cards – Anything that states a person’s name and is used to direct that person to their table (easy way to remember this – escort cards escort you to your table)!

Escort Card Display, SC Wedding Planner, Columbia SC Wedding Planner, Columbia Wedding

Picture 1 /// Picture 2

Place Cards – Anything that states a person’s name and is used to show a person their place at a table (easy way to remember this – place cards place you at a specific seat).

Escort Card Display, SC Wedding Planner, Columbia SC Wedding Planner, Columbia Wedding

Picture 1 /// Picture 2

Now, do you have to have both for your wedding day? No, it totally depends how you want to manage your guest experience and the formality of your wedding. The most common card used at weddings is the escort card and I HIGHLY suggest using them. Escort cards are especially useful for large guest lists.

For small intimate events, using place cards is quite acceptable.

So now that you know the difference between the two, let’s dig into the fun stuff… the different types of cards you can use. Now this is where infusing your love story/personality comes into play. You can get as creative as your want with these cards. Just because it says card, doesn’t mean you have to use a card!!

Tell me… what did you use or what will you be using for your wedding?

Real Weddings | Sonya + Richard | Lace House

Man oh Man… can I tell you that I had a ball working with Sonya to plan her and Richard’s nuptials, Part 2. The couple originally got married in the Dominican Republic, but wanted to have a large celebration with their family and friends here in the States. Sonya is all about GLAM… so four chandeliers were hung inside of the reception tent, crystal columns flanked the dance floor, beaded candelabras adorned some of the guests’ tables and of course she wore red bottoms on her wedding day.

Even with the severe storm that knocked out power the day before, the day of the wedding was PERFECT! Patti of Studio Two One Two Photography was there to capture all of the highlights of the day.

Lace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn Events

Lace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn Events Lace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn Events Lace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn Events

Lace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn EventsLace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn Events Lace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn Events Lace House Wedding in Columbia SC planned by Avila Dawn Events


Down the Aisle | Rebecca + Robert

I am so excited for you to meet Rebecca and Robert!!

I have been working closely with them on the planning and design details and can’t believe that the day is almost here. Stone River is one of my favorite venues and we have put together a dream team of vendors to bring Rebecca’s wedding day vision to life!

The design details now and those of when Rebecca and I first meet have definitely changed through the course of planning. When we first met, the vision was rustic and as planning has progressed it has turned all the way over to glam! Robert is happy either way, as long as his bride to be gets the day she wants.

Stone River Wedding planned by Avila Dawn Events, Columbia SC Wedding

Bride: Rebecca

Groom: Robert

How did y’all meet? At work

How did Robert pop the question… were you expecting it?  I was expecting it since we went together to pick the ring out. But, I didn’t know when he was going to pop the question. We went out for a regular dinner that night and when we got back to the condo our dog was waiting for me wearing a “Say yes mommy 💍” shirt. He got down on one knee and of cours, I say YES!!!!

Stone River Wedding planned by Avila Dawn Events a Columbia Wedding Planner

This cute one will be making an appearance at the wedding! He asked the question, so of course, he has to bring down the ring lol!!

Describe your wedding in three words? Friends, family, and love

Now the details (theme, style, color, must-haves)?! Shades of Purple!! You can’t fail with that color. Fancy!! We must have some glam!!! Being from a big city, I cannot do simple.

What has been your favorite source for wedding inspiration (Blog, Magazine, etc)? For inspiration, the knot, believe it or not google images, and my wedding planner.

What have you loved most about planning your wedding? Trying on dresses was fun and buying gifts for my bridesmaids.

What has been the most difficult? None of it has been difficult. My least favorite has been paying for it.

What are you most looking forward to on the wedding day? Saying “I Do” to my best friend in front of family and friends.

Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples as they go through the planning process? Wedding planning is stressful, but at the end it’s all worth it.

Stone River Wedding planned by Avila Dawn Events a Columbia SC wedding planning company

Business Basics | Tracking Your Mileage

If you are like me, at one point you had a small notepad and pen sitting in your drink holder. When it was time to head out for the day before going anywhere, you would pick up your pad and pen and record your starting mileage. Then crossed your fingers that you recorded your ending mileage at the end of day. But what if you went to a business meeting and then headed out to lunch with friends and then headed headed to venue walk-through. How many times did you just write on your pad and did you record the mileage reading from your last stop. Because you can’t claim that personal trip you just took. Or do you find yourself at the computer using Google Maps to estimate how many miles were driven for the day. Makes your head hurt a little right. Well friends, I am introducing you to some good good today! Say hello to…


Business Tools: How To tRack Your Mileage

This is an app that can be downloaded to Android and iPhones. The beauty of this app is that once you get it all setup it automatically tracks your mileage. Say what? Yes, it is always working and you just don’t realize it. Essentially, it does most of the work for you. It really is genius. It knows where you are go and tracks your mileage around town. How does it do it? Hell if I know, but it’s working TRUST ME!! About 15 minutes after your drive is done, if you open your MileIQ app, a map will pop up showing you where you started and where you ended for each individual drive – even if they were in the same errands trip. And the only thing you have to do is at the end of the day open the app and classify the trips as personal or business. If it was personal drive, you just swipe to the left and if business swap to the right. Mile IQ saves all of the data for you in the cloud until you need it. If it was a business trip, you just type a comment about what you were doing, as from what I have been told the IRS requires that you state in writing why your trip was a business trip. Your comment about the trip doesn’t need to be crazy long, just write out the what + who + where.

At the end of each month, MILE IQ will email you a report in either Excel or PDF form with a list of your personal and business drives dated, time-stamped with all of your comments, the number of miles – and here’s the best part – the value of the drives all totaled up for the month. Cue to confetti! No math involved!! So at the end of the year, all you have to do is hand your year-end mileage report to your CPA and you are done! Collect all those tax deductions.

A word of caution though: make sure you swipe your drives every night or whenever you’re just sitting around killing time. (This should not be a monthly duty task lol!) If you want until the end of the month, you WILL forget some of the places you went, and then you’ll be searching through your calendar trying to remember.

So with everyone creating their plans for to get better organized… add this one to your list. Download MileIQ and have one additional piece of your business under control. No, I haven’t forgotten the most important question… how much does it cost? Well you won’t have to give up your first born for it. The cost if paid monthly is $5.99 (or one cocktail) and WELL worth it! Because, if there’s one thing I am learning abut being a small business owner, time is money and there’s a limited amount of it, so anything that saves me time I am interested in!

Business Tools: How To tRack Your Mileage

Insider Tips | Tips for Choosing Your Venue

Location, location, location! You’ve taken the first step by choosing your date, and now the next question everyone is asking is, “Where are you getting married?!?!” Time to tour venues! One important thing to jot down before you even start seeking out different places to visit is your aesthetic goals for the big day. You can narrow down your search right off the bat by knowing what vibe you’re going for. After that, it’s all about the details.

Make Some Room

You HAVE TO HAVE an idea of your guest count before investing time in looking at venues. If you know you need enough space for 200 guests, you’ll have to rule out the quaint barn that can only accommodate 100 guests and make a list of venues that can accommodate at least 200 people. Making sure you have enough space for your guest list will set everything else into motion. The next question you want to ask yourself is… do want to offer overnight accommodations at the venue or nearby. Does the venue have a bridal suite for your hair and make up to be done or will you have to travel? Having this question on a priority list will make your venue search easier.

Lake Murray Wedding in Columbia, SC planned by Avila Dawn Events

Julia Fay Photography

Set Your Limit

What is my budget? Your venue could be the largest expense of your wedding or only a sliver.  A large guest list with a small budget could post problems for other accommodations you’re hoping to include on your wedding day. Venues will often offer special deals for certain days or months of the year they may otherwise not book, or may offer an incentive if you take their recommendation of other vendors.

wedding venue

Studio Two One Two Photography

Let Us Do The Talking

Ask tough questions. This is where having a wedding planner will take a list of stressful considerations off your list. Knowing the fine print of the venue and what restrictions they may have on catering, decor, or timing plays a huge role in choosing your other vendors. Luckily, your wedding planner has plenty of experience speaking with venues and making sure nothing will cause a hitch on your big day or the planning process.

wedding venue

Shane Harden Photography

Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion. As a planner, it’s our job to guide you through the process and fill in any of the big questions you may forget to ask or consider. If you don’t even know where to begin, start with these questions and then we can start a list of where to look. From experience, you always know when you walk into the perfect space where you want your wedding to be. Working with a planner will guarantee it will hit every requirement on your list when you fall in love.. with the venue, that is!

Insider Tips | Creating A Wedding Budget

Wedding Budgets

Budgets are in the air as we find ourselves immersed in the season of love… and weddings! Pinning down a wedding budget can seem overwhelming, but we aim to take the pain points out of this process. Consider your budget like the foundation of your home, bearing all the weight of what you will create from it. Follow these tips and you will be ready to bring your vision to life!

Talk It Over

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a conversation with your significant other. Finances can be a major strain in any relationship, and the last thing you want is to start your marriage off with a whole bunch of debt you didn’t have before. This is the perfect time to get on the same page and understand each other’s perspective on the wedding. It doesn’t have to be scary! Sit down with your fiancé and get down to numbers. Discuss what you have and what is simply out of the question— this will eliminate any surprises or arguments down the line. This conversation should happen before anything is purchased or booked. The best way to go into your marriage is knowing you were able to compromise and stick to an agreed budget.


No Monopoly Money

Seriously. Only discuss money that you already have. So often we see brides being promised money from relatives, even friends, and this is scary. You never know what financial burdens may hit someone when they’re promising you a large piece of your budget. Any factors that are not currently in your hand and tangible, don’t consider. It’s easier to have extra cash down the line to splurge with than to make promises with money you may never get. A big no-no here is factoring in bonuses or raises as well. Future money should not come into play unless it is a set aside portion of your paycheck you have already been able to save up. We’re not saying to get caught up on uncertainties, but a budget should be set on an already saved amount, not what you are hoping to have down the line.

View More:

Prioritize Your Must Haves

When creating a budget, also discuss what your priority list is with your fiancé. Put down the social media and all expectations of a “perfect wedding” and think about what you want! It’s YOUR day. Also keep in mind, many wedding inspirations available online are styled shoots that may rack up thousands of dollars for just one table. You are definitely going to need more than just the one table, right!? Make a list of what you cannot live without at your wedding such as food, a band or DJ, seating, florals, oh and don’t forget the venue to keep it all in! Once you start writing down what you want, talking with your planner about the price ranges of these vendors and detail items will help steer your price range to affordable options, or what you can do yourself.

View More:

Creating your budget is the first step to your planning process, and should be an open and honest conversation with your partner. Take into consideration what you have saved and make a list of what you want to make sure you have at your wedding. Then, go over this list and your dollar amount with your planner to help guide your vision to the most budget-friendly and true to your vision options!

Photo 2 + 3: Jessica Hunt Photography

Insider Tips | Wedding Websites

Wedding Website

With the availability of social media and internet in our pockets, wedding websites are the latest trend that is here to stay! Keeping your guests in the loop and part of the planning experience has never been easier. With a wedding website, you can send out every detail of your upcoming day without wasting paper or making calls!

Sounds great… but I have never made a website before?!

The beauty of having technology at our fingertips is the ability to transform yourself into a webmaster for a day! Luckily there are TONS of sites (some even FREE) that provide templates and customizations to make the process straightforward and simple!!! Upload photos from your engagement shoot, tease your guests with your color scheme swatches, keep everyone posted with the venue address, time, and every detail.

The Knot Wedding Website
Keep It Fun!

Use the wedding website as a fun, creative purge for all your wedding ideas. You may feel like you’re running around reporting to your family, friends, vendors, and planner, but this is for you! Putting yourself to work is a test of what ideas are working and what you can scrap. You’ll be able to incorporate some of your theme and colors that will give you time to make sure everything is cohesive. It’s also an opportunity to type out your “About” section and let everyone know how you met and a little about your relationship. This will not only connect your guests, but could avoid you having to tell the story over and over at the wedding!

Sync Up the Important Stuff

Don’t overthink it! Choose your favorite photos together and make sure your wedding date is displayed as a bold focal point. Adding in a countdown is a great feature here to get your guest (and yourself!) extra excited to count down! Make sure you have a widget or a link to your registry for convenience. Including details and links to hotel blocks, directions, and details (ex: Do you have a cash bar? What time do they need to arrive, ceremony start time) will ensure your attendees know all the important information.

We are happy to help! As wedding planners, we love all new trends that embellish your big day and help eliminate any stress in your planning process. If you’re not sure where to start, let’s map out a couple ideas you have and go from there. Keep in mind, your wedding website does not have to display every detail, but will keep you and your guests organized. Show off! Let everyone know just how amazing your relationship is. Start with your love story and we’ll work out the rest, together!

bride & groom

Photography: Aneris Photography

A couple wedding website resources to check out: The Knot, MintedGrey and Riley.

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