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Happy Monday! It’s wedding week for Nordica + Brandan who will be getting married at the Capital City Club on Saturday! Nordica has been a ball of energy to work with. She had a very clear vision of how she wanted her wedding day to look like and can’t wait to work with all of the other stellar vendors to pull this one off. There are even a couple of surprises incorporated into the day!

Bride: Nordica

Groom: Brandan

How did y’all meet? We met working at Moncrief Army Hospital. We had the same group of friends.

How did Brandan pop the question… were you expecting it?  The Biltmore is one of my favorite places to visit, we had visited several times throughout our relationship, so when Brandan said we were going to Asheville to visit the Biltmore it was nothing to think twice about. We got engaged at the Biltmore in the Rose Garden. It was a warm day in August, we walked around the garden taking it all in, chit chatting and taking pictures. And throughout it all I was blissfully unaware that Brandan was up to something. I turned my back to take a picture of this one particular flower and I was so focused on taking the picture that I still didn’t realize what was happening, Brandan called out to me and when I turned around and he was on one knee saying something! (Don’t ask me what it was because I have no idea) I was in shock but remember him saying “Will you Marry Me?” and through tears responding with an emphatic “YES”! The trip to Asheville didn’t end the engagement, the next morning Brandan surprised me with a hot air balloon ride!

Describe your wedding in three words? Fun, Joyous, Elegant!

Capital City Club Wedding in South Carolina planned by Avila Dawn Events

Now the details (theme, style, color, must-haves)?! I think what we are going for is understated elegance. Colors: Navy Blue and Blush with hints of silver. Must Haves: Great Music, Good Food, Great ambiance

What has been your favorite source for wedding inspiration (Blog, Magazine, etc)? Pinterest ( She’s the devil but I love her) Brides Magazine

What have you loved most about planning your wedding? Seeing it all come together.

What has been the most difficult? Having the time to do everything.

What are you most looking forward to on the wedding day? Seeing all of our family and friends!!

Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples as they go through the planning process? Hire a planner!!! Discuss everything with your fiance, it’s a day for you both. Make a budget and stick to it.

Capital City Club Wedding in South Carolina planned by Avila Dawn Events

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